what is meant by metastatic prostate cancer

The cells after it penetrate the walls of the blood vessels or attach to whatever tissue they will find. They grow and grow new blood vessels to bring vitamin nutrients to new tumors. Prostate cancer is very fond of growing in certain parts, such as lymph nodes or in the ribs, pelvis, and spine.
Most of the cancer cells have been released form new tumors. Many also cannot survive in the bloodstream. Part dead in the new section location. Others may be inactive for years or become inactive
Possible Spread of Metastatic Prostate Cancer
About 50% of men diagnosed with local prostate cancer will carry metastatic cancer patients during their lifetime. Diagnosing cancer since quickly and taking medication can be lower that number.
A small percentage of adult is not diagnosed with prostate cancer until it becomes metastasized. The doctor can tell if this is a metastatic cancer when a person takes a small sample of the part and studies of the cell.
How Do Doctors Find Metastatic Prostate Cancer?
When a person is diagnosed with a prostate cancer patient, one doctor will order a test for example:
• X-rays
• CT scan
• MRI scan
• PET scan

they may focus on the part of your bone or on one’s abdomen and pelvic area. That way doctors can check the symptoms that the cancer has spread.
If a person has signs such as bone pain and a bone fracture there is no reason, your doctor may allow a decrease in bone scan. This may indicate whether a person has metastatic cancer in a person’s bone.
Your doctor may also ask for a blood test, including a PSA study level, to look for other symptoms of a cancer already spread.
PSA is a protein that can be made by the prostate gland. The increasing trend of PSA is one of the first signs of cancer you may develop. However, PSA levels can also be high without any cancer, for example if a person suffers from prostate enlargement or prostate infection.
If someone has been treated, especially if your surgeon lifts your prostate, the PSA level should be so low that someone cannot be found on the test. The presence of PSA after surgery is a problem that occurs.
Any increase in PSA after radiation or hormone therapy can occur the possibility of cancer spread. In this case, your doctor may order the same tests that can be used to diagnose native cancer, including CT scan, MRI, or bone scan. Radiotracer Axum in can be used in conjunction with PET scans to help detect and inhibit recurrent cancer.
Although very rare, it can happen to have metastatic prostate cancer to a better than normal PSA level.

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