What is an advanced stage prostate cancer?

When it has spread to the lungs and bone has spread can be called prostate cancer go. We recommend therapy for hormones like what order to reduce symptoms or control the bias in doing hormone therapy that works to increase your life power between times but cancer cannot be cured. Adult men who are afflicted with prostate cancer already advanced stage and when examined already scattered it must undergo hormone therapy. Doctors recommend that you do not have symptoms to monitor personally and do not forget to take care if needed. Doctors recommend that you take care whatever Doctors advise you to do maintenance. In your body naturally, hormones control the development of normal cell activity. For adult men, there is a hormone testosterone produced from testicles. To reduce the risk of prostate cancer in the early stages you can perform hormone therapy whose function is to reduce the amount of testosterone in your body that will also reduce advanced prostate cancer. In doing hormonal therapy how many times did bias so every day or your last few months. You can bias so drug therapy, chemotherapy for example docetaxel. To perform the expected treatment planning is by doing a long hormone therapy. Treatment of hormone therapy can be done through chemotherapy, your doctor performs surgery. Because of the decrease in the amount of the hormone testosterone, there are sides effects that you feel include: frequent sweating and reddening, fatigues, impotence, memory decreases, body become fat and bones become fragile. Is your hormone therapy still functioning properly? In your regular time, you will have a blood test controlling your protein level called a specific prostate antigen called protein level made of normal prostate cells that are in the lower blood level in all men except this man who already has the entire prostate And disappears. If your hormone therapy is working properly the prostate level of the specific antigen will be stable or it may go down, but if your prostate cancer cell develops then the doctor changes the way of treatment and can be discussed with you.

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