7 sign of early stage breast cancer that must be observed

It is the specter of breast cancer disease for most women in the world. From some survey conducted almost all over the world, cases of death caused by the disease are very big at the same time occupying second place in the kind of killer cancer, especially for women.

Breast cancer disease caused due to the growth of cancer cells that invade the surrounding breast tissue. This cancer suffered by many women but does not cover the possibility of also inflicted on men with certain levels of h0rm0n. So, it is very important for women as well as men to reduce the risk of developing the disease by adopting healthy living patterns since now.

breast cancer disease has four stages in the same stadium as cancer in General. The success of breast cancer treatment also depends on when the cancer is detected or the stage of the stadium. In other words, the more the cancer early diagnosis then the higher the expectation of relief for its victims.

Breast cancer examinations can be carried out with the help of medical personnel or do it yourself at home. How the inspection can be done by following steps:

Raise one hand to the top of the head

Touch the part of the breast while pressing them vertically by using part of the surface of the finger flat

Check whether there is an unnatural lump and pain when the lump is pressed

Pressing the nipples slowly and gently and then watch out or whether the liquid from the nipple

Check for longer sections about armpit ‘

Do the same thing in one section the other breast

Neo’s best friend by performing the inspection itself is expected of women or men can respond quickly to immediately checked me if found the presence of abnormalities in their breasts. This will be positive for life expectancy if they right breast cancer in his body.

Neo best friend these are some of the symptoms of breast cancer in the early stage are obliged to

look out for.

  1. Change of breast size

Some early-stage breast cancer sufferers feel any change in the size of their breasts. Breast forms are also continuing to change due to the swelling that occurs on the network it caused cancer cells to proliferate without being controlled.

  1. The lump

Lump in the breast, the breast or surrounding parts close to the armpit is another change which can be known from the start. A lump can be observed with the way we handle them, and little is done to ensure the Suppression of pain or whether these bumps. Usually, the lump will feel a bit of pain and it became an early sign of breast cancer disease stage 1. The lump may be increasingly enlarged and pain if not immediately addressed. The growing breast tissue extends due to the development of cancer cells can cause lumps in the armpit area spread increasingly and beyond.

  1. Wrinkling in the breasts

In addition, there is a change in size as well as the surrounding area of the breast lump, other things that can be observed as an early sign of breast cancer stage 1 is the appearance of wrinkles around the breast. These wrinkles can be increasingly expanding which indicates if the cancer cells have also been spread slowly.

  1. Skin discoloration

Breast cancer also causes the occurrence of discoloration of the skin around the breast. This change occurs because the skin is already infected cancer cells inside so that any skin tissue risen in feeling the impact in the form of discoloration and sometimes peel off if left long enough. Skin discoloration that often happens is transformed into a red color which is almost similar to allergies and skin irritation. So, you should be more careful when finding such as this may be a sign of early breast cancer

  1. Fluid Nipple

For women who are breastfeeding may be reasonable in case of put1n9 milk discharge. However, this condition may be different if the experienced women who have not been breastfed. Some sufferers of breast cancer discovered the existence of fluid that comes out of putting milk are not normal. Discharge of the fluid is accompanied by pain and smell a little fishy. This condition indicates that the cancer cells are already growing around the area of the breast. The liquid is issued like milk but a bit more thick and murky.

  1. Pain

In the majority of cancers including breast cancer, sufferers will experience incredible pain on her tits. The pain will be more wonderful if sufferers were in an area with cold air. The pain caused by cancer cells which proliferate to accelerate the spread towards the other breast around the network

  1. the fever and Chills

The temperature of the body of the sufferer who has experienced a range of symptoms previously mentioned increases will fade. Fever caused by cancer cells growing in breast tissue are already growing hard sufferers survive and with a sense of

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